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"My wife make six times what I make, and our combined income puts us in the top 4% of income-earners in the US. I never thought I would be rich like this. I was raised trailer-park poor. But my wife's job requires her to criticize people all day. She's an editor and project manager. Literally she spends her entire day telling people what they did wrong. And she can't turn it off when she gets home. From the time she gets home at 5pm, to the time I put the kids to sleep and then retreat to the basement at 7pm, she's criticizing me. Virtually everything she says to me is a variation of: "You're doing it wrong." Then, at night, she wants me to "take charge" in the bedroom. I can't. I can't go from being the abused employee to the boss like that. So we rarely have sex. And when we do, I don't enjoy it. If I want to be honest with myself, I'll admit that I'm staying with her for our kids and for her income. "

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