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"I hate it that I will never be able to prove how much of my life have been suffocated, restricted by other people (most of times by fully grown adults too or people the same age as me) because in most times it is done indirectly and it is so frequent. The worst is that I Am the one accused of suffocating other people's lives and restricting them and imprisoning them. It is so rare when I ever impede somebody from doing something. I don't understand why I am the one accused of imprisoning and impeding anybody of achieving their dreams (unless their dream includes killing me). I don't imprison anybody, I don't impede anybody from getting whatever or whoever they want. Unless the person want to get it from me, for example if someone wants to drain my energy, I may try to impede this person from draining me. I am a fully grown adult I know that the sun shines for everybody."

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