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"I have mental issues. I have never been tested for any but I know I have them. My mom doesn't know or anybody in fact. My first problem is that I have psychopathic tendencies. I act on impulse without thinking about the consequences or how it could hurt me or someone else. Reality seems more fake than real to me and when I snap back to reality I get depressed and realize I am wasting my life. I am only 13 but every day I think of this. I don't have good grades, I break the rules, and I do what I want. I want to fight people a lot, heck I almost asked somebody today if they wanted to fight me. I feel like a disappointment to my parents. They do so much for me but I don't give a crap about it. I lose friends faster than I make them. I argue a lot and bully my friends. I make crude jokes about sexuality, gender, other lewd things. I lack empathy for others unless I really start to think about it. I don't know how to love or what it is. "

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