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"My Story About Fooling My Best Friend So I Would'nt Look Pathetic OK, so I have a friend, let's call her Susan, and she is a really big fan of Halsey. I personally don't like Halsey's music, but I definitely don't hate her. Recently, Susan started to date my brother. The thing about my brother is that he is, like, really mean. I don't really get what Susan likes about him. In previous relationships my brother always was the one who wanted to break up, always for the same reason: he got 'bored' with the girl. The girl always get's hurt in a relationship with him. I said to Susan what kind of... person my brother is. She immediately got mad at me. She said that I never support her choices, and that I was jealous because I didn't have a boyfriend. I stayed calm, tried to explain to her what I just told you: My brother just isn't a good person to be in a relationship with. I was at her house at the time, and she sent me away. When I got home, I got my first phone, restarted it, created a fake Halsey fan account on Instagram, found here Halsey fan account and sent her a Direct Message. I said: I know you like Halsey, I have her number! Do you want it? 5 minutes later she replied: Ah duh ?? I gave her my old number, and she called me. I got a footage of Halsey saying 'Hey', and when I picked up I (or should I say Halsey?), she started fangirling. Then I sad with a really low voice: I can see you. Her cheering stopped, and she said 'who are you'. I said 'Look out your window!' and hung up. A minute later Susan called me, told me what happened and apologised. I didn't want to look pathetic and come crawling back to her, so I scared her, just so she would call me. LMFAO"


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