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" Please wait for a Crisis Supporter to respond. You are number 1 in the queue. You are now chatting with 'Lifeline1098' Lifeline1098: Welcome to Lifeline’s Crisis Support Chat service. What has been going on for you this evening? you: hi I hate my neighbors they are driving me mad Lifeline1098: OK ... thanks for advising ... so would you like to chat with me now about the issue of your neighbours ? you: what can I say? they are crazy smoke dope and do evil things attacking possums and eating them in a stew outside when they were removing the kitchen and didn't bother to tell us about the weird smell which was asbestos it could kill me. they are trying to kill me I feel. they have some machine going over there all the time like some old dialysis machine or bottling machine that will go for hours making a weid noise and then they don't do that they are having loud sex on trampolines and I have heard screaming and girls bashing into other girls over a guy and the smell of dead animals burning and gun shots. and more. to the point Ihave been near chocking and want to scream Lifeline1098: That sounds amazing. Thank-you for briefing me. you: they were bashing the possums with heavy clubs and cooking up the bodies to eat out under a fire which is against the law as possums are protected wildlife. they killed their dog and burnt it doing some weird pagan bon fire dance its all too much for me, they were attacking a man often who was screaming out and I didn't know what to do but it was upsetting me. Lifeline1098: So I'm getting the idea that all of this is highly upsetting for you. you: i am not sure if it was just entertainment on their behalf but we don't need that sort of abuse, its not entertainment to us, its just abuse. Lifeline1098: Aha ... so it is the idea of the abuse that most concerns you ? you: yeh well several of the horny desperate house wives in the street stole men from me and expect us to live like pigs. you: i am single and i am sick of marry hussy whores getting in my way. Lifeline1098: Thank-you for trying to explain all of this to me. I am hearing how you are upset by the goings on ... do you have any positive supports living with you? Lifeline1098: Are you suffering this upset all alone ? you: yeh police won't do much. its upsetting, this used to be a nice neighborhood when we first came here. we were used and played for fools. the house never suited our needs we were told take it or nothing. from our grandfather and grandmother when they won lotto, we were not given a choice of type of house or anything. you: no my sister insisted on us putting up a frosted film over all the windows so the grandma next door couldn't look in at her or wave to her she spooked my sister rose out, her name is shirley or regie or something but my sister couldn't handle it, so we put up covers all over the windows you: other neighbors complained too. you: there appeared to be some birth or death over the road and a woman whaling in pain like she was dying or giving birth and it was upsetting the neighborhood some girls went around with petitions to make them stop it. Lifeline1098: So this neighbourhood where you live has quite a few people and there is quite a lot of action ? you: like all hours of the night this was going on and then what smelt like bodies being burnt finished me. it made me so sick. i wanted to vomit. they terrorise us. we are sick of it. you: for the last 20 years or more they have terrorised us. you: its not the nice people there once was here, back in 1990-1997 we had a nice life here then all hell broke loose and its got worse ever since. it doesn't feel nice anymore. there is a eery quality to it like some horror film I hate the place and wish we could move somewhere more modern and fresh. Lifeline1098: Mmmm .... so on the one hand you are remembering the good times and on the other hand you want to shift if possible. Lifeline1098: So is it you and your sister Rise living together ? Lifeline1098: Rosie* you: hey> Lifeline1098: In this neighbourhood do you share your house with just your sister Rosie? you: there has been a lot of vultures taking you: no how do you know I have a sister called rose? we live here with our parents but my sister lives in a grandyflat we don't talk much. she doesn't like me. Lifeline1098: If you look back in our chat together you told me your sister was Rose. you: clare stole my boyfriend after she left her husand. and linda stole ricky from me when she left her husband. they had money i just had a heart to give. Lifeline1098: Yeah .... so it sounds like you have a lot of stuff on your mind tonight. The activities of the neighbours is upsetting you but I can also hear how you are feeling the loss of potential partners as well. you: yeh the noise is going over there non stop and sometimes if they open a door its louder , it does drive a person balmy. Lifeline1098: Aha .... you: yeh thanks for listen. I don't know how to make them stop. we used to bbq and have the odd quiet party and play music we don't do that for the last 30 years."

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