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"So I was in 2nd grade I had a nice teacher but I also had I thought my bff Chloe we would always play each other at recess and sometimes even make loom bracelets for each other so the whole year we were besties until when Katrina the bully. Came at the end of the year and started bullying me even Chloe started doing it too. Whenever she was near Katrina she was mean to me in 3rd she changed a lot she was in my class though she had a different perspective of me and didn't communicate with me. She just hang out with Katrina and now I'm in 4th grade she's even worse then I even expected were not in the same class she started hanging out with grace another bully in her class and she started leading her new path here's her in 4th grade Selling stuff Loves duct tape Very helpful Very fashionista like"


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