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"I don't know what to do...I'm a f*cked up person. I only 13 and I've watched my mom get beaten almost to death and watched her almost kill herself. I watched 3 people die before, the first was my grandma she died when I was 7 I watched her die in a nursing home slowly as cancer ate at her brain until she went crazy and finally past... I think that's when I changed. I used to be very happy on the inside and out but after my grandma died my parents got on drugs . in 2013 my grandpa died. He died right in front of me... I watched the light flicker from his eyes as he took his last breath telling me to go get help as he lied on the bed having a heart attack. After he died my parents drug addiction got worse... My mom was an alcoholic but as I grew older I realised my dad gave her alcohol so she would shut up. They always got into fights but it got bad when the fight began getting abusive. I became apathetic... I didn't care about anything anymore . I still dont."


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