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"bit upset, govt won't allow psychitartist to give repeats for my ptsd calmative medications and like 3 or4 days in a row I have asked his receptionist if he would fax script to pharmacist and he said he would, but its just adding more unneeded work onto him and more stress on me because I feel like I am bothering him when he is busy. I only like 1 doctor to prescribe them so it doesn't look like I get them from a lot because the govt are so tight on them. the weird thing is all medications have addictive qualities to them blood pressure or calmative or diabetitic or whatever. I am sick of the games being played out. I might have to get my gp to do them in future to save my specialist extra work. I am always careful with my medications. I don't like taking a lot of medications but I know I need to be taking anit-depressants and calmatives at present because my doctors have said so."


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