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"I have a few smelly souvenirs of my own, like about 30 or so panties received from various girls and women within the past 18 years who have given me these little mementos of their appreciation for the love and s** I provided for them, I have them all Individually wrapped up tight as to retain their freshness, I even have the females name and age on each individual panty, sometimes the memories of them come back when I'm h**** and if don't have a current girlfriend to help satisfy my itch, all I have to do is just get and unwrap the panty of that special girl or woman who has come to my mind and put it over my head with the crotch positioned over my noise while sniffing and slowly j******* until the p**** aroma of the panty and the memory of(or some of them I have pictures I can look at)f****** her makes me stroke faster until I lose control and squirt my c** all over the place.."


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