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"My wife has changed over the years. She moved in at age 19 and we married some years later. She was young and not my first wife, I needed time to be sure we would make it. She was not a virgin, but not much s**. It took years to get her comfortable taking it. not a joke, it hurt her when I went to deep. after 24 years and two kids I am getting the best s** of our lives. I had s** with women her age when I was in my teens, not like her. The feeling of great and her reactions are out right hot. from the panting to the soft moans. She started crying after ten or so years. Just got so emotional she could not hold back tears. That's hot when she cries and keeping on having her o*****. How exhausted she gets and how good her p**** feels when this happens. We have s** usually most nights and almost every morning. She ask me many times to let me know she wants it. I post this after this morning, I grabbed her after her work out and pushed her on the bed. She pushed back and got nude quickly. after the third o***** the tears started, she laid back and let it go, mean while I could feel her vag just vibrating and in spasm. The thick oily lube made her soaked inside and running out of her. Damn good morning with my wife. I am one lucky man to have her, she is lucky to have a man who can bring that kind of thing out of her."

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