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"I search for you everywhere I go. I don't know why but I do. I feel like if I'm not with you something is always wrong and when you are with someone else I try and stay away and make life easier for you, even if it hurts me. I don't ever let you see me cry and I don't ever tell you how I truly feel because I'm worried that it will hurt you or someone close to you. I always try to be a good person but I have bad thoughts about hurting people...I'm super over protective in a way that is scary...I'm not as weak as I let on and can cause pain easily...but daily I fight the urge to hurt people and try to find the good in everyone despite what they do or say. I do not love you in the way most people love another. I feel like a guardian meant to heal you instead. I'm only hear to protect you but not from others. from yourself. I feel that even in death I will still search for you where ever I go. I always look for you because I am your guardian and your protector."


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