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"So I decided to go with some friends to a strip club. As I was trying to be the cool girl and fitting in I was drinking, tipping strippers and having a decent time. We'll I got super drunk and one of the guys said he was getting h****. So being drunk I whispered in the ear that we should go out for a "cigarette " so once outside we went to the back and I ended up blowing him behind the club. After I got him off we went back into the club and had a few more drinks when one of other the other guys started hitting on me. After a few drinks I agreed to go back to his place where we ended up having s**. After the weekend it seemed like everyone knew what I did. All the guys have been hitting on me and both the guys, the one I blew and the one I had s** with have been hitting me to hang out even more. And I've been gettingredients a lot of attention from all the guys at work. I'm pretty sure I've become the office s***. Cause I am loving the attention and am probably gonna end up having s** with another one of the guys that is really hot."


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