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"When I lost my virginity I thought I was in love. 14 years old and he was 17. We were at his house and he had a few friends over. We sat there in the couch and he was feeling me up getting me all excited so I whispered in his ear that I was ready. He carried me into his room with all his friends cheering. I already popped my cherry many months before with a brush, but didn't know if this was going to hurt. So I lay down on his bed and he pulls my pants off. I asked what he wanted to do first and he said he always wanted to try doggy I got on all fours and let him fuck me. I was so horny and wet, and he kept saying he couldn't believe how tight I was. In less than a minute he cummed in me. I just stayed in the same position, ass up and face down because I was so upset and crying. I wanted something to remember and I was soooo damn horny. Then I had the best idea...I started yelling for Sean. Sean was a friend of my boyfriend. He came in and looked at me with my ass in the air and I said "your turn". My boyfriend was in shock and so was Sean. He immediately pulled down his pants and I told him before he fucks me he has to get me more wet. He kneeled down and started eating my pussy. I don't know if he knew I was full of my boyfriends cum or if he just didn't care. Sean fucked me so hard and made me cum twice. Then as we laid there for a minute catching our breath, he told me i should let his friend fuck me, because he has a huge cock. Being stupid, I said sure. His friend comes in and Sean holds my legs back. His friend pulled his cock out and it was huge. It must have been 10 inches and so thick. He kept fucking me and right before he came he asked how old I wash when I told him he pulled out and came all over me. It was amazing. I get it...I was a total slut that night. In the last 6 years I have been with only one other guy. But my first time was the best ever."


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