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"Guy at Gym at my university dorm while married. I cheated on my husband our senior year of college when we were dating. It was a one time deal with a stranger who I have never seen again. I do not know what came over me that day but I must confess to get it off my chest. It was a Saturday in the spring and my husband was visiting his parents. I was at the dorms for the weekend to study for finals. I decided to take a break and head down to the gym for a run. I was wearing a sports bra and tiny red shorts that showed off my ass nicely. My husband always liked when I wore them and I always caught other guys staring at me too. I went to a small college that usually emptied out on the weekend so I was surprised when I went to the gym to see a guy in there lifting weights. I had never seen him before but he was really buff and cute. I got on the treadmill to run my 3 miles and every now and then I would look up in the mirror and catch the guy checking my ass out. Nothing unusual because most guys did. The workout was uneventful but when I got off the treadmill to leave the guy came up to me and very boldly stated that he wanted to f*** me. He did not say hi or introduce himself, just that he wanted to f*** me. I was really surprised but also really turned on that someone would be so brazen and want me so bad to say this. Soooo... I gave him my dorm building and room number and told him to be there in 30 minutes and to walk in as the door would be unlocked. I was so h**** and was not thinking straight, but I knew that I wanted this guy to f*** me. He seemed like the type who would give it to me good. I went back and took a shower and then waited for him butt naked on my bed. When he came in I got on my hands and knees and stuck my ass up in the air and told him to take my p****. I did not want any foreplay, I just needed to be f*****. He obliged my request and pulled down his shorts. I then felt his ample c*** penetrate my p**** and screamed out in relief to have his d*** in me. All I can say is he f***** me like a stallion. He was very aggressive (pulling my hair, slapping my ass, and fish hooking me). I loved it and orgasmed 5 or 6 times for the hour he was there. We f***** doggystyle first and then he picked me up by my ass and f***** me against the bedroom door which I thought was going to break. Then we finished with him f****** me missionary and when he was ready to c** I let him c** in my mouth which I have never done for my husband. I am sure the entire campus heard us f****** or shall I say heard me moaning and screaming and c****** like a w****, but I did not care. It was such a hot, random, out of body experience that I almost think I dreamt it up. After he came in my mouth, he put on his clothes and left. He never said a word to me and I have not seen him since. It was definitely the best s** of my life!!! "

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