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" I had a one night stand I'm in my late 20's, been married for 4 years. I can't share this with anyone I know in real life, so I just need to talk about it here. I cheated on my husband back in February. The other man (let's call him Greg) lives in our condo building. We met at our building's gym last summer. We used to see each other in there often and started to make small talk. He is very attractive and I started forming a small crush on him. No big deal I thought, every married person has crushes. Well it started to get out of hand. We talked more and more at the gym. I started to time my workout so I know he would be there. I was getting more and more attracted to Greg. I started fantasizing about him at work. It happened in late Feb on a Thurs night. My husband was out of town on a business trip. I went to the gym after work and Greg was there. We worked out and flirted. He told me about a fitness book I should read, and asked if I wanted to pick it up. We went to his condo straight from the gym to get the book. Lots of flirting going on. I wait for him to make a move, but he doesn't. So completely out of character for me, I make the first move- I ask him if he wants to take a shower with me. We both get naked and in the shower, and don't waste a second. We are totally going at it- the sex was better than i even fantasized about. I spend the night and we have sex in the morning too. We agree to keep it all a secret. Of course, I wanted to see him more. The sex was amazing and I wanted more. But he ignored me. It was probably for the best, because I'm sure I would have been caught if I kept sleeping with him. So in the end, I still feel some guilt, but honestly I have good memories of that night too. I haven't told my husband and don't plan on it. Is that bad? Anyway it felt good to get this off my chest."

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