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"I met you when you were like 13 or something. Too shy and innocent for the things you like. You were cute as a button as a little girl. But you always thought you were ugly. I was young too, but noticed you. You and your religion. Waiting to get married before having sex, dumb idea. You finally got a boyfriend, a lot older than you and loaded. Uhm...time for that marriage thing! Then you went off to college and dumped him...for....a carrer that will never pay off. And you think you are fat. You are not fat, you have curves, you are not only a woman, but a hot woman. Very hot. Damn, you are pushing 30 now and still have only been kissed. Nobody likes me my ass. I know a number of people that would die for you, and you don't let them close enough to say it. You so need to get laid. You so need to get sweaty and hot and exhaust yourself getting wildly humped. Your whole life would be so much better....and I gotta say...I so want to fuck you. You have always had this habit of bending over o pick up things...which has always showed off your sweet ass. Every since you were about 20 your hips pull your pussy open when you bend over like that. You ended up going to my gym, and I see you do it all the time. I have to leave the room everytime you do...gym shorts can't hide my hardon. Get drunk, get naked...whatever...I don't think I've ever wanted to fuck anyone more than I want to fuck you.You make me crazy you hot little bitch."


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