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"I'm a woman in her late 20s and I've recently developed these uncomfortable and inappropriate feelings for my boyfriend's 20 year-old son. My boyfriend is in his late 40s and is a recovering addict and got out of jail just a couple years ago. He's trying to move on from his past and stay out of trouble. His son, who I'll call Todd, did not have any relationship with his dad until recently. What I've heard about Todd suggested that he was pretty wayward; he'd been in several boys homes, had been arrested multiple times himself, had gotten a girl pregnant and dropped out of college. Whenever he came to visit-which at first was not often- he would come in looking extremely self-possessed and walking around in this arrogant way, like he owned his father's house, but he was really nice to me at first. He shook my hand, made eye contact, asked me questions about his father, he has these intense blue eyes that I could see certain women being drawn to. Then a couple things started happening. First, while he was still in college, he brought a girlfriend home. Her name was Katlyn. She was a cheerleader; she was nice but kind of spacey and not that smart. Every night they were home they would have rough, noisy sex that anybody in the house could boyfriend would pretend nothing was happening, but I couldn't. At first I was jealous. The sexual energy younger men have was obviously preferable to the sexual energy of Todd's Dad...there were always some issues, let's put it that way. I envied Katlyn and the multiple orgasms she was having. The third time I heard them was when I started getting turned on. I got out of bed (Todd's Dad was asleep, somehow) and snuck out to the door of the guest room. I listened closer to the sounds of copulation and started masturbating to it. Every time Katlyn moaned, I imagined it was me moaning. When I heard Todd groan, it was really really hot. I stopped myself just before I could cum and ran back to the bedroom. Todd and Katlyn left the next morning and it was only after that that eventually Todd's sister came to visit and talked to me in private one morning while he father was gone about...lots of things. One of them was that her younger brother was engaging in activity beyond what was normal in young men his age. He drank and drugged and she was worried that he was becoming addicted. He had more sexual partners than was healthy and had gotten a girl pregnant and was dodging paying for an abortion. She worried that he would become like his father, who had also been a womanizer when he was using. I started worrying about what might happen the next time I saw Todd and there was one time when I heard him and his Dad having a screaming argument on the phone. I assumed that meant he wouldn't be coming over any time soon. But then Todd dropped out of college- he'd been selling drugs, amongst other things- and showed up at his dad's house un expectedly. He had another girl with him this time. She seemed a little more intellectual than the last girl. I did the same thing I'd done the last time. I went to the door of the guest room and listened to them fucking and this time got off to it. In my pants. Early the next morning I went downstairs because I'd woken up and needed a glass of water and I got down to the living room to discover Todd passed out on the couch, a bunch of beer bottles on the floor, naked. I heard the toilet flush and out of the bathroom came ANOTHER woman-someone entirely different- who did not exactly look like, let's say, a reputable lady. She wore a high skirt and was straightening out her cheap fishnet stockings when she saw me and muttered, "Oh christ..." Then she left. Todd woke up and asked me to help him get back to bed. I helped him back up the stairs and in to his room and saw that his girlfriend was no longer there. Todd seemed kind of out of it so I just left him on the bed and let him sleep. His dad slept through all of this. It was the this morning when I was alone downstairs- Todd's Dad had gone to work- and I was doing some dishes. Todd comes downstairs, finally, and comes up to me and tells me that last night was a blur for him and he apologized if he'd been rude. I said no, he hadn't. Then he touched my hand and for a second pressed it down on the counter. He held it there and then released the pressure. He stroked my arm. I asked him what he was doing. He told me that he knew I'd listened in on him the previous night. He said that he was between girls now and he was looking for someone more mature. He said that he knew his dad was a bore and probably wasn't giving me any. He said he had a tongue and he 'knew what to do with it.' Then he stepped away from me and fake-apologized several times. He said he was leaving tomorrow. While he talked to me I actually got a little wet. I can't stand it. Should I go up to his room? His dad works late today..."


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