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"Had a baby with my son's friend When I was 39, I felt strong urges coming on to have another child before it was too late. I had 3 children already at that time, and my husband was not very keen to add to the family. Plus, his drive had diminished. My eldest had a good friend, who had basically grown up half in our house. A tall, very attractive teenager, he was popular with the girls and a sort of leader of their little gang. It started when I came home early from work one day. The boys were all in the den playing games and horsing around. I went up to the laundry room to pick up some clean clothes, and saw my son's friend masturbating with my panties. I was shocked, so was he. We stared at each other, then I just turned and walked up to my bedroom, washed my face, and when I came back down, he was back in the den and we both acted normally. But I had seen him, he was attractive naked and had a nice c***. After this, being baby minded, naughty ideas about him began to circle in my head. And I knew he was clearly attracted to me. Nothing happened for a few more months, until the family was away camping. I was supposed to go too, but had sprained my ankle and decided to stay back. On that day, my son's friend visited me, with some excuse of wanting to borrow something. It was the first time we had been alone together, and things were a bit awkward. Finally, I indirectly started talking about desires and hormones and how such things were natural and to be grown out of. But as soon as I started on this, suddenly he started talking about how sexy he found me, and how he'd fantasised about me for years. He was bold, and I got a bit tongue-tied. I also enjoyed the flattery, and got my panties in a twist when I realised I was getting wet. I opened my mouth to reply, when suddenly he kissed me. Not a gentle peck, but his tongue down my throat, with one hand on my back and the other gripping my bottom. Just how a woman should be kissed, in fact. Almost without thinking, I let my tongue fondle his and his hands run over me freely, and we stayed like this for a bit. When his hand reached my c***, I managed to pull back a bit, but it was too late: he pushed a finger in, and felt my wetness. That was when he knew I was his. I protested, but he just picked me up in his arms and began carrying me to the bedroom. I had never felt so feminine in my life, and that was when my desire came back to me. A little devil whispered: fate's given this chance, why not take it? He laid me on the bed like a princess, and got over me, kissing me passionately while undoing my dressing gown and gently stroking my c*******. I was impossibly aroused, the taboo act, the youth and handsomeness of my partner, my own wish of becoming pregnant, all had colluded. I helped him remove my gown and bra, and he began expertly licking and kissing my b******. For a young man, he was clearly experienced. Soon, I was ready for him to penetrate me, and I told him so. He slipped off my panties and first licked my c*** for a bit. This made me wetter and I literally began to beg for his c***. At this moment, he broke off to strip, his c*** was long and rock hard, and I spread my legs willingly. But, then he pulled a condom from his jeans and I realised this wouldn't do. I asked him to f*** me without protection, hoping he would just jump at the chance. But he didn't. He asked me if I could get pregnant, and I just said we'll see about this later. Then he shocked me, he confessed he wanted to impregnate me as well! I waa delighted, but I tried not to show it, instead giving him my most seductive look and daring him to knock up an old woman if he could. That did it, and he jumped on me and was soon pistoning away like an engine. I soon forgot my plans in sheer pleasure, and had an o***** before he began to spurt his seed deep inside me. I guided him in keeping my knees up and placing a pillow under my hips to have a better chance of conceiving. Once this was done, his young p**** was up and ready to go and he promptly entered me again. This time he lasted much longer and I had several o****** before he unloaded in me again. Then we slept for a while, just holding each other. It was a long weekend, and long story short, we had s** almost all the time. Of course all of it was unprotected, and very pleasurable for both of us. I swore to him secrecy, and to his credit he upheld it. On monday, I made sure to ply my husband with drink, then seduce him, it went badly but just enough to make him think enough had been done. Only a week later, I missed my period. An initial test confirmed pregnancy, but I waited another two weeks before going to a doctor and confirming it. My husband was exasperated but good natured over my "manipulative ways" (if he only knew) to get what I wanted. My lover was excited and nervous, but I made it clear to him he would play no part in the baby's life, and he was quite happy with that. I was already past 40, hence it was a difficult pregnancy. Possibly, if I had not conceived with a young and virile man, someone of my husband's age might not have been able to impregnate me. Yet, after 9 months, I held my beautiful baby girl and was as happy as can be. I continued my affair with my son's friend, now with proper protection and precautions, throughout the pregnancy and afterwards. As far as I am concerned, his is the sperm, he is the father, and he has rights over my body as someone he had a child with. These rights I still enjoy giving up to him whenever we have the chance."

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