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"I don't want ken carey or any royals from uk or germany to contact me ever again. I don't want want to hear from a lot of people from my past because all you did was take and use and abuse and I its so one sided and your bullying and controlling and rude. I want to have room for fun new people in my life from other parts of the world who I have missed out on meeting who will treat me better. I just am like my parents and sister now we don't want to mix with relatives who have hurt us and we don't want to see our brother and his wife and kids and we don't want to know my mums relatives much. we keep to ourselves for the last 15 years and no one invited us much who didn't take us down. so I don't know how else to put it. I just know I am worth better then all that and want to move to better loving people and the new people I am with in my life are all that matter to me right now. "

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