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"No one knows I dropped out a year ago. I've always been a great student and over achiever. I went to a 4 year University for two years. My first year I did great, had stellar grades and great friends. The second year I lost all motivation and failed everything but two classes. I learned a lot in life experience through hanging out with the people I met but traditional education just wasn't keeping my interest. By the end of my second year I was put on academic probation and flunked out. My family is made up of people of the overachieving type and I knew they would never forgive me. I made up a story about how I wanted to change my major and I couldn't get the prerequisites I needed at my school so I'd need to come home for a year and go to junior college. My parents were so angry but it's better than them knowing the truth. I've been home for a year and they think I've been going to junior college but I never really went. I started a business with one of my friends and it's been very successful, but I can't tell my parents about it because they think anything but school is a waste of time. They think I'm on my last semester of junior college but the truth is that I'm never going back. I don't have the units or grades to get in anywhere anyways. I'll have to tell them eventually that I'm not going back, but they'll never know the whole truth."


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