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"Ok so my bestfriend/sister is having super duper troubles at home. Her mother is like managing her life to the fullest. She has do this or do that can't do this. Oh she's going to this school? NO she is going to this other school cause it's 'better' like how is it better when you can get fricken shot! It sucks!! Her mom is also making her change her friends, like two girls of our group, yeah her mom is making her stop being friends with them- LIKE HOW CAN U JUST STOP BEING FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE!! the sad part is my sis loves her moms to bits even tho her mom does this to her so she can grow a backbone to talk back or explain to her mom that she is just taking it too far! if i were in her shoes i would tell her mom off but she scares me also so whateva UGH I can't even!! "

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