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"so i have a woman who i think about everyday. and ive let her know that i love her. but she refuses to fuck. and ive given her every good reason for why i am worth it. and she is totally igorant to the fact of what i can offer its like yo. im a inheritor of a mass fortune, and i am planning on buying my masion on 3826 thousand oaks cir. after i turn 25 and the paperwork get signed over. im going to be buying my lamborghini and going on a large vacation for the rest of my life. buy mass amounts of marijuana. and she only comes around when that reality of living is being lost. its like yo. i dont walk around and flash my cock and waive my papers around and every piece of pussy i want to fuck. your damn lucky i even let you in on a family secret we have had to protect, due to privacy purposes on me being that wealthy at the age of 6. at a point in time you got to be real. if you dont bend your ass over and get those nasty tattoos removed of what was a perfect body. im pretty damn sure i could find whomever the fuck i want that would be willing to bend there asses over to take a 175 million dollar cock. and dont cross the line, if you aint going to step up, then step the fuck out of the way. i dont have time to sit every woman down and explain on who i am. but when the reality of what i can offer when i drive up in whatever car i want. i dont gotta do shit to explain to people why i am powerful. im the type of guy who is the game changer. im pretty sure you have a sister or a idiot friend who is willing to drop their bullshit of their drama to change who they want to become."

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