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"I like this guy, he's not cute, but he is... If that makes sense. His personality is cute, not the outside though (well i think it is, but in the one who likes him) he's considerably shorter than me. But what I'm ranting about is the fact that my friends are like horrible about him, like saying he's scrawny, ugly and weird. He is a little strange, ill give them that, but i cant tell the tha lt he's my crush cuz they'll probably disown me, like they did with my first boyfriend. But they knew he was a dick, and i didn't. Anyway that's a different rant. So I'm the person who is like all alone on this crush thing, cuz i cant tell nobody. Not even my mum, cuz she's like one of those mums that will pester you until you ask them out. I'm the only one who knows my secret, and its kinda crappy. BUT HE'S ADORABLE! AND HE ALWAYS LOOKS ME IN THE EYES WHEN SPEAKING TO ME! AHH, but i know he don't like me, cuz in art, he was sat next to me and was talking to his mate, saying "should i ask her out?" like fuck would he say that if it was me... "

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