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"Fml f my stupid human urges. That got me here F that i got cought that i ran AND DIDN'T STAY AWAY or find some nice french girl to run off with i hate that i wasted so much of my time and the time of my loved ones that in putting up with all your stupid bull that i am now a monster unwanted that i have to move out of my home town so people dont know me fuck the anger class that i only went to bc you called the cops first the fact i have no ware to go in 20days that i cant just brake 1 stupid promise. To stay for 20days to be tortured. That i dont know how to treat people, women or my self that i cant take back all the wrong i put in your life andvjust leave you with happiness and warmth and that i will miss you and probley be alone but i cant be that guy and i am when im with you at least it might be over in 20days"

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