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"Sometimes in the workplace, you have to pretend that you have a boyfriend or that you are engaged or married in order to keep face with everyone. I knew one straight girl who went as far as declare herself as a lesbian in her workplace to keep the weird guys away. She was very beautiful with long curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Guys used to chase after her and it had become a nuisance for her in the workplace. So she declared herself as a lesbian in the workplace. not a good idea later she found it hard to move the term. myself I have made out I am with someone. I worked with one doctor who used to just agree with her patients if they assumed she was married or had kids and I have done that myself, the other day I rang about counselling for child sexual abuse for myself and the receptionist said "oh how old are your kids" and I said "hmmm, uhm 16 and 19 both abused by their father" to sound exciting even though I have no kids and no husband but it made me feel important with her like she started treating me like I was a real person having kids and husband then being single, so I enjoyed the feeling and I used to wear fake engagement rings to look taken, its amazing how as soon as you do that guys will try to come on to you if your enganged with a nice diamond ring. anyway my friend -Outside work, she has her own life and she is dating guys."


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