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"Better here than there. You'll never change, that thought has finally dawned on me. Like seeing the forest for the trees, you will always be un-apologetically yourself. If you were anything else the love I carry for you would dissipate into nothing more than an infatuation. People we share think I want to hear of your comings and goings, but I don't. It stings. Knowing all the subtle things I've missed all these years. More, over looked because I didn't have the heart to see you for what you've said you were all along. I've always considered you so much more. Looking back, even knowing the rose colored glasses I wore for you, I wouldn't change it. I wouldn't change holding you and letting you teach me what love is and more importantly what it isn't. When I was close to you I wanted nothing more than to touch your skin and feel the electricity that has ran between us for so long. The spark that made it so hard to walk away. I was strong though and so were you. It gave me hope that we can get through this and brought the realization to me that I have more self-control than you. Not always, but now. I can be strong for both of us friend, until we build a new bridge over the ruins of the one we demolished. I'm aware it is a dangerous road for us to teeter down, but traveling it without you just doesn't seem worth it. Thank you friend for helping me rebuild us."

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