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"Stupid My boyfriend and i were best friends and then we started dating. But before maybe a month before he started dating me, he was head over heels for this other girl, lets name her haggie for now. Haggie is gorgeous and shes so cute and pretty. Anyway, even after me and for namesake, Maracojovok, started dating, he keeps taking pictures with her whenever they see each other. And I was going through his phone with him, and he's said the same exact things to me as hes said to her. And I used to have a slight crush on someone, who he thought was so fake now and I only just picked it out in his moods etc, and I saw a conversation where he and Haggie were talking about whether I liked him or not and he said "I hope not". This was a month before we dated, btw. Im so confused if I'm supposed to give this relationship up because it seems like he's still hungover by her. Any input he gives to her I rage a jealousy over with my nails and arrows at her. "


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