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"The stupidity of jealous friendships... Ok so just because you had a crush on one of our mutual friends does NOT mean that you are entitled to be the only person ever who hangs out with her OR just get ridiculously jealous if I make plans with her. She and I do NOT rely on you to hold our friendship together, we can do things on our own. Think of all the times you two have had together... without even thinking about inviting me, and then you always tell me about how much fun you had with her.... wow, and now all I've done is SIT IN A LECTURE with her and you're all like "stop rubbing it in my face". OH MY DAYS. It's so ridiculously frustrating you have no idea. and I cant even get 9/10 on a really hard assignment without you being jealous... so I won't ever tell you good things about my life, so you don't get jealous. I won't ever hang out with mutual friends so you don't get jealous. Better now? Is your life back to the happy bubble where you're everyone's best friend and you're amazing and nobody can be better than you? stupid stupid argument. stupidddd."

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