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"I was just on Tumblr looking for a sarcastic picture quote, and I stupidly just searched "picture quote" (rather than "funny picture quote" or something). And then I'm hit with 2,000,000,000 picture quotes posted by girls who think they're flawed as hell. Now, I'm not gonna lie. These girls ARE flawed (mainly because they posted these stupid things). But these girls (who think they're flawed) don't think so. Make sense? No. These hormonal crazies (who I will bet posted these on their periods) post crap about how you shouldn't care what people think and girls that eat Big Macs are cool and shit. (1) IF YOU GO BY THAT LOGIC YOU'RE FLAWLESS AS HELL YOU FATTY. (2) This is to people who reply with a compliment: DON'T. These girls are attention whores and you're feeding their stupidity now that they know it works. (3) See? You bring more flaws to you by justifying your flawedness. And, lemme tell you, NO GUY WOULD PREFER A FLAWED CHICK OVER A FLAWLESS. FLAWLESS = FORGIVING ENOUGH TO LET YOU SLEEP AROUND AND HOT AS HELL AND NICE ENOUGH TO DO ANYTHING FOR YOU. FLAWED IS FLAWED AND IT SUCKS. Get over it."

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