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"Welcome to the new age of crime Do you want to go far in life.Then just "make arrangements" with certain memebers of society.The only thing that hasn"t changed is the upperclass still oppress the llower class.But now you"ve got wannabe scumbags who oppress there own kind.One of the great new ideas is going to the store and obtaining "special food".Get some of this and put it in your neighbors cupboard and see what they look like the next day.Just ask for it in your localsupermarket,grocery store,or even your neighborhood pharmacy.If you don't want to go this route then "make arrangements" with your local authorities and just go in and poison them yourselves.While your there just take use of any of there ammenities and property at will.No problem just a small fee and probably some sexual favors and your in.It's still the age of you line my pockets and you will go far.Heck ever dream of living another persons life,just go to your local witch and "make arrangements",its very simple line there pockets and walk away with someone elses brain.Farfetched but very true.It's the WAR of the mouths these days,go to your local store or community start lies and see how far it goes.Within a week everyone within seven states will be trying to kill you or persecute you.But the worst of all is these old farts who work for a while and decide the world is in debt to them and just start taking,raping,killing and all sorts of heneious crimes.There not satisfied with social security they want the freedom to do whatever they want'another arrangement made to do this.Now with computers,webcams digital cameras.Nothing is safe or private anymore.Let see who we can expose,destroy,or blackmail today is the big agenda of most of these people.Heck if your a homosexual and don't want people to know..Just "make arrangements" and you can rape all the guys you want,kids,animales whatever to your desire.It's a great and wonderful country isn"t with all it's opportunities.Oh,but don"t think about doing it the honest way,that's out.What used to be normal is now the victims.The next time you see a person become big or to power just think about what they had to do to achieve this."

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