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"I work in a busy office, mostly other women. They're usually pleasant people, but they chat a lot amongst themselves. They're all into getting their nails done, shopping for clothes, buying expensive shoes and purses, and experimenting with makeup. Almost every conversation revolves around their looks. Being a bit nerdy, and not into fashion and designer labels, I have nothing in common with these ladies. I can't chat with them about many things, and it's making me feel isolated. Recently I've been overhearing them judging me, making sarcastic comments to my face as if I'm stupid, and more or less lightly bullying me. It's the kind of behavior I'd expect in high school, and not in a professional office. They also talk about each other behind their backs, and I won't let them drag me into those conversations, which also causes isolation. No one ever prepares an adult to deal with situations like this, but it's weighing on me heavily. I was stuck in a toxic job before, and I'm wondering if I'll ever find something in my field where there isn't a culture of jugdgmentalism and cattiness."


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