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"in the old days neighbors and family were pretty good people,now they can be your worst enemy's.Like having a nosy old homosexual for a neighbor who drives around in his big dodge and act like he's something when in fact he should be in prison.It sucks when you have old queers thinking they can do what they want.Then you get these family memebers who getting all pissy and griping trying to see what they can get off of you.Like we don't have anything so we will screw you over to get what you have.These are the kind where you say you might be kinned but you ain't family.They get all moochy and bummy trying get seems like the law of the land doesn't really apply anymore concerning these kinds of people.Makes you want to live in a castle with a drawbridge and a moat to keep everybody out.Old dodge truckdriver F off you old queer. "


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