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"If you are a traveler or a an honest person who lives around the wv area beware of poisoning and extortion scams.These people are thick as fleas in that area.I guess they think the mountains cover them from the rest of the usa or something because these people have never heard of right and wrong and the laws of america.A bunch of fags,queers and just nosy people.The worst part is they are uppity people who have alittle bit of money and put the screws to poor people.They also will use god and the gospel to make money and get away with things.They have no respect for god,jeus or even the devil they will steal off of anybody.They break into your homes,get into personal business,try to get your personal property.You have to really watch the closet queers they are sneaky bas___s. You would think these people were spawned in hell or something,beut yet they are prosperous well to do people or so they seem.The amount of poisoning is unbelievable nobody ever gets busted or anything so that seems pretty suspicious and the lying is neverending.So if you are there or passing through be very careful around these people and god forbid you are stuck living around a bunch of these people,you will go insane trying to protect yourself and possessions.Another thing is they steal blood right out of peoples body.I any of you bas_s are reading this you can all choke on a big one.04c70"


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