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"this was unexpected event, last night I was getting ready to have a quiet night in at the apartment and then Sj rang me and wanted to come over, now his ex was being super bitchy to me all last week because we work together in retail and I said to her I giving you 2 weeks notice of resignation because I got the job at the clinic and I want to take it. she was not happy. anyway she must have rang Sj and to my suprise he came around to see me and asked me out and I didn't have much time so I had to throw on some clothes to go out and must have tried on 3 changes of clothing and I thought "I am gonna walk this like a real freakin bad ass!" but didn't expect the outcome because I just thought with Sj "I am going to love myself" around you. but nayhows> he has stayed over night after a great night out. I really thought his ex was a bitch and then she goes and does that and then text me this morning saying "think objectively i will talk to my ex next week only to help you with this change over situation and I am not wanting him back, so enjoy peacefully, I am just in bed with Jeff and my ex needs to get over it" this was weird becuase he was telling me the opposite and he has been the one holding on, so to cut a long story short it was great night, I am in my new job and just got word that I am moving north and getting into this lovely place that suits me better. all I have to worry about and i am going to be tested with travel with my new job once we move up north but i will worry about that. Sj said I could stay at his flat if i needed to during part of the week on my work nights which would be during the day mon, tues and some saturday mornings which i can get home to weekend but weekday and or friday nights work could prove problematic."


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