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"Trust me, you aren't missing out Strangers and acquaintances think I'm mysterious. It's as if they are expecting something spectacular to be revealed about me or they think they barely know me. Want to know the fucking mystery??? It's nothing. Everything you see Infront of you, the girl that wears black is everything she could be. What is there to say? Want me to talk about how broken my family is? How i haven't had any real friends or a social life since I was in yr 7?? I have interests in things but basics ones. I don't revolve my life around anything, I know nothing about my favourite games or music and I barely draw or read I literally lay on my bed existing because my brain just doesn't consume knowledge about anything I've done literally nothing since I was a child. I'm just a chick that wears black, can you also see now why I don't have any friends??? Can't be friends with something that has no input about the world "


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