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"I hate America and the whole world If for nothing else these two reasons: the arrogance here and the oversexualization of this hellhole of a shit crock. I've lived in this damned slut country my entire life and really and truly the sexualization of every little tiny thing has turned me off from sex altogether, and basically humanity. Everyone here sucks and I hate them. Why the fuck is sex so overrated anyway it's really not even all that. Especially casual sex. I refuse to ever even try causal sex because quite frankly it's the dumbest shit I ever heard of in my whole life, and probably will be the dumbest shit I know of in my afterlife is there is one. I mean what the fuck? Who just fucks someone they barely even know? I can't wrap my mind around that level of fuckery and that is truly the type of shit that makes me want to kill all humans."


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