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"Honey, your marriage is OVER!! Ever since we first had s** 2 mos ago weve both known that you were going to leave your wife and be with me and you said that so now is the time for you to do that. either you tell her in a nice way so shes not so hurt or i will tell her in a mean mean way and be totally sure shes hurt by it. or else i will tell your youngest daughter who is my friend and tell her about all the nasty perverted s*** ive been doing with her daddy in the bed where he sleeps with her mommy. or else i'll just tell all of her and my friends at our school and tell them how weve been f****** every day for 2 mos and how youve been wanting to get with me for years and years and how you masturbated for all that time wishing you could have me. is that how you want it? do you want me to handle it or do you want to handle it? either way your marriage is over and you and me are going to be a couple. thats the important part. your marriage is over and you and me are going to be a couple. i would actually prefer telling everybody myself and telling them how sexy we are together and all the filthy things we do but you do NOT want that. so do it. tell her. end it. now. or else i will. and you know me so you know i mean it. do it. now.Ok.......You are a p****...... You really think he will love you after you pull this stunt on him? He's going to see that you are a gold-digging selfish w**** who doesn't really want him, only his money, and is willing to put him through the greatest pain imaginable just to get it. Granted he is a complete moron for even thinking of having an affair and thinking that it would stay a secrete..... But people make stupid choices.... Like you. If I was this guy I would tell my wife about it and apologize on bended knee for being so unfaithful. That way there could still be a chance of him saving his marriage. As for one would want to be with a selfish p**** of a w**** like you after you threatened them this way.....i dont really think it was stupid for either him or me to get with the other one because the way we make each other feel is totally amazing like you would really just not even believe and theres no way this could even possibly not be love. thats what love is the way the other person makes you feel and how you make them feel and its like that for ron and me. his wife never even came close to what i do to him not even from when she was younger but expecialy not now with her being so old and so saggy and so boring. he loves coming to get me and taking me places and then taking me to f***. we have f***** EVERY DAY FOR 74 DAYS since the first day we f***** and today will be 75 and he was masturbating about me like crazy for years even before that so this is not just an affair its waaaaay more than that and we want to be together. we just have to get the wife and the girls out of our way. it will be better if he does that than if i do it because i can be a b**** sometimes and if i told her about me and him i would be super mean to her and hurt her so bad that she would go away and never come back. but even that is better than the worst i could do which is to get off my b/c on purpose and let him knock me up. so see? i am being nice to her in reality even though lots of people do think i am sometimes a b****. i just want the man i want and i cant help that and he will definately NEVER stop wanting me because he loves whats inside of me and he loves getting up in there. plus he loves all the nasty perverted s*** i know how to do and like to do that his wife doesnt even know exists. im so much better for him than her and his daughters that its not even funny and its going to be so f****** good when him and me are a couple."

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