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"I think im a timebomb I am beginning to scare myself, almost every night i have dreams about murder and rape examples are like picking my little brother up from school taking him to a near by construction yard tying him up and beating him to death with a sledge hammer or the time i dreamed i went to a school dance with a gun and open fire i then took a girl hostage and escaped to a warehouse where i raped her before tying her to the floor and letting dogs eat her. this has been happening with increasing ferocity since i was 8 i'm 13 now and its starting to seep into my life the other day i was cooking and had to physically hold myself back from stabbing the girl in front of me and today during PE without even thinking i beat one of my friends over the head with a table tennis bat i told him it was an accident and we made up but i'm scared it wont stop there. i mean i didn't even consciously hit him it just happened like breathing completely natural... help me!"


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