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"Confession of a confused women So I'm very confused my boyfriend of almost a year is always suspicious of me cheating and swearing up and down that I am talking to other guys he always going through my things my parents my phone one of the r11s asking me questions all times of the day everyday all day 50000 times a day so today he wants to go to my phone and look on a dating website that I used to be on talking to guys you know just just talking though not trying to me that have s** I know start a relationship just talking sending you a he said he wanted to see my cat so I say fine let me see yours as soon as I say that then he's oh no nevermind I don't care and all this bullshit but yet he tells me everyday that I don't have time to talk to nobody I don't have time to be sitting around trying to f*** with females when I'm not at work I'm here with you okay I believe he has done the question is what you say I believe that but now you are no see my s*** but don't want to let me see yours and I guess me to thinking ok all of a sudden he's he's not complying he's very adamant about going to my place is she thinking in my purse looking for the password to unlock my iPad is how my gmail account my yahoo account Facebook like as a I make him that way because I was talking to some guys way back. And he didn't know about it but when I was talking to guys are actually like that I let him know but I'm confused he says he's not cheating is not talking to anybody say he doesn't have time for that but why don't he want to show me his tagged account but he want to see mine to see if I haven't talked to anyone and I told him that I have and tell him that I have no problem with showing you do you think he's cheating that's my question I would like some feedback please thank you and thanks for the time to read my my relationship problems thank you"


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