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"what I did as a child and what the pedo got me to do and the sexual acts he performed on me and got me to do with my sister and brother and other kids as so called games, is not the same as a paedophile. I was only a child and I didn't know it was bad. I was told it was a game. there is a thing called diminished responsibility and excuse me s and v but you have overstepped the line with me and I was blinded by innocent naivety listening to your sicken abuse brainwashing telling me I was like a paedophile for what games I played as a child. and I am not more likely to abuse a child and how dare you abuse me and put that suggestibility upset into my head and heart. do you know what that cost me the shit you said to me as so called therapy you were paid for. you Virginia should have been punished harshly you old violent selfish hag. you full of self-pity dragging on me knowing all the while i would feel sorry for you and give in to your demands. you had only been married 2 times and had a child and degrees and worked in several countries and were rich unlike me and you were crying this poor me game how much more fucks and husbands did you want. i had never been married never had a child never had a degree never worked overseas. why did you do that to me? I used to cry myself to sleep for 10 years thinking I would never be a good enough parent or worker or anything!"

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