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"we will call her brenda, but that is not her real name, she is blonde and a lesbo butch bully I am sick of and she makes me sick. I have female friends I love but not sexually. ok but , Thank you Brenda. Once again my family has to do without a holiday like Easter or Christmas all because of you. This makes four fucking Christmasses and other events that I cannot give my family all because you don't like older white men. I hope you're fucking happy you smelly ass fuckng pussy licking lesbo. I busted my fucking ass for that company and you had to listen to some pussy whipped 26 year old snot nosed candy assed jack off with no experience instead of me who has over 20 years of experience. What did that pussy boy do for you? Jack himself off onto your desk for your pleasure? Yeah too bad that pussy boy didn't stay there long. After you used him to fuck me he ran off to work for mommy and daddy for being a pussy boy he couldn't deal with a real job. So you had to strip me of my job, my income, health insurance, dignity, self respect, ambition. And to this day you are still black balling me preventing me from getting another job. Meanwhile you sit there like some god damn black queen flaunting your Jag, your millions, your world travel with your girl friend, all nice and smug. What did you give your girl friend? A new strap-on so she can shove it up your smelly rotted black ass? Do us all a favor Brenda, fuck yourself with a roto-rooter you are abusing me leso. stop just stop. "

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