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"He won't talk to me about our relationship problems unless he talks to his "best friend" who is a female first. Then when hes ready to talk to me about the problems its always in front of his sister or his family. But I can't do anything because he just assumes I'm cheating. IM NOT. Its so aggervating. I worked a 12 hour shift yesterday getting ready to work again today but nope he just ruined the mood by doing this shit yet again. Of course and his sister is fucking mooching off us. I pay half the bills, I pay for all the fucking food and of course when i want the food its all gone. -.- and my daughter doesnt even get fed by her, when she is supposed to be babysiting, but instead shes on her fucking computer all goddamn day. But nope I'm the one that cleans the house even when i work. all she does is the laundry and she gets praised but what do i get? ACCUSED OF CHEATING. "

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