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"get started. I've been best friends with this girl ever since I started my new school (two years ago). She always had my back, even through tough times. People had tried to break us up, but always stuck like glue, almost like sisters. But in the past couple of days, she's been absolutely garbage to me. Two days ago, i was praised for my creative writing in english about a novel. The teacher was very hard to please and met his expectations, but I did it, i made it. The next subject I had was Art, with my best friend. But you know, she couldn't stop saying that we couldn't be best friends anymore because i was "too smart"! She never told me this ever and it wasn't sounding like truth, but jealousy coming out her mouth. I started ignoring her, shutting down and pulling up my walls. Then I had arrived late to class today, hoping she went back to normal. BUT NO. She decided to pick on everything I was bad at and just tear me apart slowly. And idk about you, but that doesn't sound like a best friend to me. First period she starts to boast how good her computer is and laugh at my computer which was crashing down. We were supposed to work as a group, but I ended up "making the decisions" I guess, like suggesting stuff, and when we got the answer wrong, I could feel her eyes staring at me. I just want this to go back to normal. I just want to hug and kill her at the same time. Just, ugh."

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