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""damsel in distress" I hate how society and video games, and the media and Hollywood constantly portray women as people who need saving. The only thing they know how to do is repeat the "original tails of true love" of the past, where it's all perfect looking young stick thin women who lives a perfect life and has a perfect personality gets kidnapped by a dude with no personality then some perfect looking man with a perfect personality with a shitty life as a peasant and is very weak goes and tries to save her, which all the strong people are doing and succeeds and the lady does nothing more than scream and cry and kiss. Enough with this bullshit. I like how in Han Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen had a girl (Gerda) save a boy (Kay) and had the help of other girls and the occasional talking animal. Of course Disney had to snatch that one. Sort of like all Grimm tales they ruined. Can't we have strong female characters and weak males? Or is that bad?"


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