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" Macs suck BALLZ Omfg I hate apple so frickin much!!!! WTF is wrong with this system. I don't require much from u, just work ok is fine for me. All I use is web browsing and word processing and you can't even get that right? YOU HAD ONE JOB. are you frickin kidding me. Preview works like crap, so many bugs it's driving me crazy. Keychain is a useless piece if crap that wasted an hour of my day malfunctioning. And you can't even disable it. What the fudge apple, can you pleae go die in a hole. Even just copy and pasting doesn't work properly. I mean even a PC 1997 does it better than u u useless piec of aluminium metal that belongs in a garbage dump!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13 hours are u beeping kidding me. 1/2 way done and u restart on me. EFF U. Just want to smash u into a million crappy pieces but what a waste of my energy and time. I HATE YOUUUUUUU "

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