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"Three Time Cheater So I met this guy through some of my classes. He was really sweet, funny and kind. After a while, we confessed to each other that we had a mutual like. He told me that we would start dating in a month. Two weeks after, he told me we should just be friends and not date. EVER. After another month he comes back and says he still likes me. We agree to try it again and start dating by my birthday. On my birthday, he tells me he has a thing with another girl and that he likes her more than anything or anyone else. However, he blatantly calls me his second choice if things don't work out with her. After another period of time, he comes back and apologizes and swears that he will only like me and no other girl. Me, being the ignorant and forgiving person I am, give him one more chance. Again, after two weeks, I am talking with one of my friends. She happens to be the first girl, not the second one, that he had "dumped" me for. She starts telling me how freaked out she was by my supposed faithful "boyfriend" because he was telling her how beautiful she was and she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He had never told me any of this. When I had checked my phone by that afternoon, he had texted me saying, ONCE AGAIN, that we should just be friends. After some colorful language and some tears, we stopped texting. The next day he didn't come to school, which was the first day he had ever missed that year. I am overall pretty sad, but I am more angry at myself for believing him and trusting him after he had let me down so many times.."

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