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"So at work tonight 5 tables in a row stiffed me. And im not that kinda server who gets bad tips or stiffed on the regular. Perfect service, even if they wanted something else or did not like what they got i solved the problem. 3 of the tables where black and paying with there h&rblock cards (tax refund) and two of the tables where white. I am not usually the person to get mad if a table stiff me because i know there are assholes in the world that will just never tip but 5 tables in a row... on Valentines Day????????????????????????? YOU PEOPLE SHOULD ALL GO DIE. 120 bill 65 bill 34bill 22bill and 26. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. like you couldnt even leave me 1 dollar. And the thing is that the majority of these tables were really nice to me? Like sorry we are out of spin dip... lets not tip her because its the servers fault. I'm just so sick and tired of these ghetto ass hillbillies coming in and not tipping there server. If you can spend 120 dollars on food you can afford to tip your server. And heres the thing. I've never been a racist, but working as a server has definitely turned me into one. 95 % of black people that come in to my restaurant of employment tip like 1 dollar or they dont tip at all... seriously. im not just saying that because i am livid. And they are usually the rudest most high maintenance mother fuckers i ever have to serve. All in all if you cant tip your server then you should probably kill yourself because if you dont, i will find you, and i will kill you. AND TOO THE TABLE OF THREE THAT WAS MAD WE WERE OUT OF SPIN DIP BUT WERE PRETTY NICE TO ME.. AND COME TO FIND OUT DIDNT LEAVE ME A TIP ON A 60 DOLLAR BILL... AND ON TOP OF THAT STOLE MY BRAND NEW PEN. YOU ALL ARE ASSHOLES AND I HOPE YOU HAVE SO MANY INCONVENIENCES IN YOUR LIVESS. thank you and god bless.:)"


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