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"I'm fucking sick of being ignored...And if you know you're one of these faggot shit cunts, FUCK YO I'm pretty angry about everybody ignoring me on Facebook. At first, they said I was pretty epic because they liked my insane sexual jokes of "everything can be fucked, as long as its got a hole." and fucking shit like that. Then they started ignoring me. I tried talking to one of them, but all that fucking cunt-prick half bred piece of fucking shit did was tell me to fuck off. I tried posting on their Walls, and none of those mongrel shit cunts would reply. Those who did either told me to go fuck my whore mother, or removed me as a friend. Even the girl that I considered my best friend stopped talking to me and spamming my Wall with hilarious messages. I'm feeling sorta ignored, and for fucking fuck's sake, when they rant, the others listen to it. But when I do, they don't. And, mind your fucking one-layered brain, I did not use any of the fucking foul language used in this goddamned bullshit-filled rant on any of them. And I posted this shit here because I didn't wanted them to know and hate me more. I admire every single goddamn one of them, and now they just treat me as an outcast. I hate to say this, but I wanna stab their fucking pea-sized balls, and shove a knife up their motherfucking asses. I'm fucking sick of them treating me like a fucking piece of shit that's a waste of space, and I hope they die. Pimps and bitches. I know I'm doing it all wrong, yes, I have a pretty low social IQ, but at least would these assholes stop pushing me around? I feel like hacking into their accounts and starting one big fucking fight on Facebook, but I couldn't because they seem like family to me. And the reason I said that is because my family never loved me, the only shit they do is to hit me, and yet, I end up as an angry kid growing up on a fucking neighbourhood full of fucking hoodlums, gangster kids and all the fucking works. I don't want to hurt them, that's why I posted this rant here. And I couldn't leave them, because I love them. Fuck me."

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