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" Google is your friend Google. Yes, get used to it. GOOGLE. GOOGLE is your friend. GOOGLE can help you with your planning. We're not a fucking travel agent, so GOOGLE THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR TRAVEL PLAN! I'm serious. You want to know how to get from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok?Google the damn thing, it's very easy, just type your start and end destinations. Want to know how to get from the ferry terminal to the bus stop? Google map is a marvelous invention. GODDAMNIT GOOGLE THEM! Why should I fucking help you when you don't even TRY to google?! I've given all the links that you would ever needed (maps with coordinates, bus schedules and routes, itineraries) and you still ASK AGAIN?! If they're not enough, then GOOGLE! There are so many backpackers and travel forums out there that can help you, DAMNIT! GOOGLE!"


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