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"I was roleplaying with a friend and we where doing an AU of our favorite pairing but things didn't go as planned and it was so frustrating like why cant your stupid fucking character go along with mine being a little rude for once goddamn then instead of saying "okay we'll try another time" she's like nooo I need to stay away from roleplay even more than now and let you bore to death ugh i just fucking hate it when she's like that goddamit woman I just want to roleplay and i fucking told you that i wanted to roleplay something else but you fucking insisted on that stupid ass AU and then did stuff with your character that was enterely differet to what you were supooused tondo ughhhhh im so angry and bitter right now but when we talk about this tomorrow i will put a fucking facade and be all sweet and understanding because i alwasys have to be the one who's rasonable and mature here arghhhhhh "


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